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Jeff Panzer, MD MS

" I love family medicine because it allows me to build meaningful relationships with patients and improve people’s lives.  In a traditional doctor’s office, however, I was spending too much time on my computer and struggling with insurance companies and the confusing health care system.  I didn’t have enough time to provide the care and attention that my patients needed.  I knew there had to be a better way–and that is why I started Bridge Direct Care.

I believe that health care is not a product that is given to a patient. It is something that doctors and patients create together. This requires trusting long-term relationships and patient empowerment.  Patients deserve to have their needs met quickly and respectfully by someone they know and trust.

Dr. Jeff Panzer is a family physician and has been practicing in Chicago since 2010.  He attended Temple University School of Medicine and did his family medicine residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.  He later received his Master’s degree in healthcare quality and patient safety from Northwestern University.  

Since graduating residency in 2009, Dr. Jeff has worked both caring for patients and at the system level to try to bring relationships back to the forefront of healthcare where they rightfully belong.  He continues to work part-time as the vice president of care transformation for Tapestry 360 Health (a federally-qualified health center on the northside of Chicago) and the physician innovator at AllianceChicago.  He previously served as a medical director at a health center in rural Ethiopia, and as a practice transformation consultant at the American Medical Association (AMA).  He can provide patient care in English and Spanish. 

Outside of the office, Dr. Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, running, beach volleyball, reading, camping, and coaching his children’s sports teams. 


Dr. Jeff co-wrote an article about the state of primary care in the New England Journal of Medicine. 

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Dr. Jeff Panzer joined Steve Ordower on his podcast Rhythm of Life to discuss DPC transforming healthcare and the importance of bringing relationships back to the forefront of healthcare